Randall Dang Trains like a New York Yankee?

Many people are aware of Randall Dang’s preoccupation with the Yankees. However, many are unaware of his interest in general fitness.

As an avid viewer of baseball, a widely renowned sport, some may wonder, “how does Randall stay active?”. Randall Dang visits his personal trainer a couple of times per week and performs many different types of fitness regimes. His interests include Olympic lifting to be exact. Similar to the techniques a professional athlete would perform, Randall Dang is pushing some heavy weight! Deadlifts, back squats, agility training – Randall is all over it!

Exercising your body is just as important as exercising the mind – when it comes to training Mr Dang hires a professional and similar to this, when it comes to your finances hiring a professional who knows the biz comes to your advantage!


Because living in a beautiful city like here in Vancouver, BC there are plenty of activities to be performed outdoors. Being physically able to get out side and perform those activities is a MUST and having the time to do it? Well as a business owner that’s when the challenge sets in.

Professionals come in all shapes and sizes. Hiring one to suit your business as well as personal needs is always as a good idea. It enables you to become a professional at enjoying life!

Now… back to the Yankees (they are in the playoffs!)